Can Your Roof Be Damaged If You Install Solar Panels?

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Can Your Roof Be Damaged If You Install Solar Panels?

Modern house with solar panels on the roof

Have you thought about installing solar panels on your roof?

A good roof can be made even better by the inclusion of this cost and environment saving piece of technology. But is your house up to the task?

Before you worry about cost, insurance, and upkeep you should know whether or not your roof will have problems with solar panels.

Get Ready

The state of your roof can cause immediate problems or hazards down the line.

Roof mounting solar panels can be done on any sturdy roof. If you have an older home yours might not be up to the task.

The age of your house is no guarantee that there will be issues. You’ll want to hire a reliable inspector to check your roof to avoid problems. This is a step you don’t want to miss, no matter the age of your home.

Once you know about any problems you can fix them.

Before installing solar panels on your roof you want to fix any damage. Additionally, if your roof needs to be replaced within the next five years this should be done first. While it’s possible to remove the solar panels and replace the roof later, that will be at your cost.

Solar panel weight isn’t much of a problem if you have a good roof. Most solar panels only weigh 2-3 pounds per square foot.

Who to Trust

Installing solar panels on your roof properly will save you many problems. Roof mounting a solar panel is still relatively new and many roofers aren’t experienced in installation. This doesn’t mean that your usual roofer can’t install your panels, but there can be risk involved.

Having the solar panel company install on a good roof will stop most potential problems. Never be afraid to ask your roofer if they’re able to help. There are many skilled tradesmen who would be more than happy to take on the task.

If you have the knowledge of your home, construction, and the panels themselves you can mount them on your own to save money. However, it doesn’t take much to cause damage to your roof that will affect your entire home.

Avoiding problems with solar panels means being responsible and careful from start to finish.

The Unexpected

Are you worried about the weather? Roof mounting solar panels may actually help protect your roof.

Yes, holes will be drilled into your roof, but rain is not a problem. The pieces used in installation are specifically designed to guard against roof leaks. Your roof also has flashing, materials like aluminum or steel, installed between penetration points to direct water away.

Mounting solar panels on your roof will block the elements from sections of your roof. For example, in summer the panels will stop the sun and heat from reaching your rooftop. This can slow heat damage and decrease the need for air conditioning.

Let’s Prepare For Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

When it comes to installing solar panels on your roof you can avoid problems by taking precautions each step of the way. If you have a good roof and take care of it you’ll be able to enjoy your solar panels to the fullest.

Visit our blog to learn even more about maintaining your roof and have a beautiful home for years to come.

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