How to Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof

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Do You Need a New Roof?
April 23, 2018
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Can Roof Restoration Add Value to Your Home?
May 3, 2018
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How to Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof

How to Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof

How to Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof

How to Identify Hail Damage on Your Roof

Do you know what a damaged roof looks like? Take a look at this guide for identifying hail damage so you can get it fixed immediately.

Did you know that hail causes about $1 billion dollars in damage to crops and property every year?

Homeowners don’t realize that hail can ruin a roof. Of course, you’re not going to see any significant damage from on the ground.

After a storm, it’s important to do a full inspection of your roof. Take a nice sturdy ladder, wear some soft-soled shoes and bring a piece of chalk with you to mark any damage you see.

But how do you know what a damaged roof looks like? That’s where we come in! Read on about identifying hail damage.

What Is Hail?

Think of it as little, tiny ice balls coming from the sky. So far, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina felt the wrath of Mother Nature’s hailstorms this year.

Hail can hurt, especially when a whole bunch of them are raining down from the sky. Not only can it do damage to your roof, but it can actually ruin your car.

If you know a bad storm is coming, prepare yourself. Make sure you have supplies, and put your car in the garage if you can!

Signs of Hail Damage

We’re going to answer these questions for you:

  • What are damage signs before getting on the roof?
  • What are the signs of roof damage?
  • Does hail do any damage to your shingles?

It’s hard to determine how much damage you have from looking up from the ground. The key here is to look for dented gutters, gutter screens, or even downspouts.

If you notice more than one of these, it might be a situation where you need a full roof replacement instead of just a simple repair.

Do a Full Walkaround

Look for any potential damage to your siding and windowsills. Is your air conditioner okay? How about all of your outdoor items?

You’re the one playing inspector right now. It’s your job to make note of everything that was damaged on your property.

Take pictures! Think about your shed, patio furniture, anything that your insurance might cover.

It doesn’t hurt to take a ton of pictures because you never know what the insurance company will say.

Up on the Roof

Now that you’re done walking around the outside of the house, it’s time to go on the roof. So what signs are you looking for up there?

  • Look for dents/dings in the roof vents
  • Look for granules knocked off the shingles
  • Metal roofs are the easiest to spot for damage (you’ll see a bunch of impacted dents)

If you see anything out of the ordinary, write it down, take a picture and use your chalk! You’ll need as much information as possible to make an insurance claim.

How We Can Help

At Gary Wilbert Roofing, we want to make you have a roof on your home that will protect you and your family. Whether it’s minor repairs from hail damage or a full replacement, we guarantee quality customer service every time.

Contact us today for a free estimate, or to ask any questions pertaining to your roof. We’re here for you!

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